We specialize in providing our customers in Toledo and surrounding areas with brilliant and unique landscape design options. Because we take pride in our work, every part of the landscaping process is mapped out, organized, and implemented with both precision and care. We care about the experience our clients receive from the first conversation until long after we have left your property. We have developed a process to make that experience extraordinary and guide our clients through each step ….


1. PROJECT INQUIRY FORM | Payment not required

[link to form here]

We require all potential clients to submit this form prior to our first consultation.

This information will help us align our services to your project needs, desires and budget. After receiving your submission, we will reach out to you to start the next step in our process:


2. INITIAL CONTACT AND DISCOVERY | Payment not required

Fit is important to us. Due to overwhelming demand, we cannot accommodate every request we receive. We carefully assess every inquiry and advise if our company can take on your project or if we may have to decline due to scope, budget or location.

After receiving your project inquiry form, our team evaluates your project and returns your call or email within two business days. We often will send a ‘calendly’ link where you can set up this phone call automatically where it fits into our schedules.

We will often ask if you can share a couple pictures of your site. This helps us understand a bit about the scope and project. We can often use these to potentially bracket some potential costs to you. This usually shaves some time out of the process so we can hopefully get this project started as quick as possible. 

Feel free to also share any saved photos of your wishes / wants / dreams! 

3. SITE VISIT & MEETING | Payment not required

If we are a good fit, a meeting is  scheduled to discuss your goals and needs. This first meeting is done either in person or virtually. The purpose of this visit is to introduce ourselves and get an understanding of what your main needs are. 

This original meeting is usually done with one of our project managers. We reserve the time/meetings with our design team for the design phase. 

We will then use this information gathered to provide a ‘Minimum Cost Proposal‘.

The purpose of this is to hopefully take one or two of the major expenses to your project and present a minimum cost to it. This is generally a price that suggests “It is highly unlikely we can do this portion of the project cheaper than the price quoted.” 

4. DESIGN PHASE | Payment required

Should our pricing be entertained and within budget, We will invoice for the design fee. Once this fee is collected… the design phase begins:
Site survey & base plan

We visit your property again to gather detailed measurements, grades, house elevations and take some photographs. A scaled base plan is prepared to show the complete site information accurately.

Property research

Our team researches the project site to gather information regarding by-laws, zoning, lot coverage, offsets, conservation etc. The findings determine what can be done on your property and assist with the design discussions.

Wish List Meeting

Depending on how much we discussed in previous meetings, we will meet with you on site to discuss your ideas and develop a wish list that works with your property. They will also guide you through the price ranges of individual elements to ensure the design will meet your budget requirements.

Refined Concepts + 3D Renderings

Seeing is believing. We turn all of our thoughts, discussions and efforts into an immersive digital 3D model. The 3D model paints a clear picture of what your landscape will look like once it’s completed.

Scope of Work & Final Estimate

When you are ready to approve the designs, we prepare an itemized final construction estimate with detailed scope of work.

5. CONTRACT & DEPOSIT | Payment Required

Upon deciding to proceed, we commence the process to formalize contracts, gather signatures and obtain a deposit check. We do accept credit cards, however we do add on a 3% fee to recover the fee.


We believe in doing things by the book. If a permit for your job is needed, we can initiate the permit application on your behalf. Permit drawings will need to be made, and all construction details worked out.


A pre-construction meeting is arranged with you, the designer and your project manager to review our plan to complete your project in the most efficient way possible. Any other last minute questions will be answered at this stage.

7. CONSTRUCTION BEGINS | Payment Required

Sit back and relax. We take care of all the details during development and keep you informed on a need-to-know basis. We will invoice and collect payment according to the contract we agreed upon.

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