2021 – 2022 Snow Service Agreement

Ranker Lawn and Landscape will provide all necessary services and materials to complete the job(s) as outline below. All work to be performed in a professional manner according to industry and standard practices. A description of the work to be performed and the fees for our services are as outline below:

Snow plowing, shoveling and/or de-icing coverage begins after TWO INCHES of snow has accumulated after a storm. This applies to both seasonal and per visit Agreements.


Periodic plowing, shoveling and/or de-icing are defined as follows: These services will be performed at the discretion of the contractor during an active storm depending on the snowstorm’s length and severity to plow, shovel and/or de-ice those areas specified under this agreement. It is understood that depending on the length and severity of the ice or snowstorm that it may take the contractor varying amounts of time to fulfill all work covered under this Agreement.


The contractor will not be responsible for the following:

  1. Damage to existing landscaping or any damages that occur to asphalt or concrete surfaces as a result of our snow plowing, shoveling and/or de-icing services. 
  2. Damage to any turf or lawn areas if driveway is not staked.
  3. Contractor assumes no responsibility for vehicles parked illegally or in areas that the contractor has stated to the customer to be in a location that causes a hazard or impedes the performance of our work. The Customer must notify contractor within 48 hours of any other damages. Failure to report damages constitutes a waiver and the contractor is released from liability.
  4. Customer understands that plowing, shoveling and/or de-icing or a particular location may not clear the area to “bare pavement” and that slippery conditions may continue to prevail even after plowing/shoveling or the application of de-icing materials has occurred.
  5. Customer agrees to defend and hold harmless the contractor for any and all trespasses or suits that may arise as a result of this commonly occurring condition.
  6. The contractor will exercise its best judgment in providing the services needed based upon existing conditions and future weather forecasts.
  7. Customer is aware that weather conditions in the area may change rapidly and without notice. Changes in weather conditions are considered to be an “Act of God” and the Contractor assumes no liability as such.



  1. Please note that our commercial parking lots do take priority over our residential accounts. While we will always try and get to our residential customers as soon as possible, this serves notice in the unlikely event that some storms we may be unable to complete service until up to 6-12 hours after the storm.
  3. PLEASE BE SURE TO TRY AND KEEP VEHICLES CLEAR IN DRIVEWAY. Because of liability issues, we will not come within 2 feet of any parked vehicles.
  4. Our operators will not knock on doors to move vehicles. If you would like us to ever return and clear up any missed snow because of a parked vehicle, you will be billed again at your base rate as outlined below.
  5. Salting is only done in conjunction with snow removal unless otherwise requested.