11 Things To Consider Before Building a Paver Patio

11 Things To Consider Before Building a Paver Patio We have been doing hardscape work for over 10 years. We have met with literally hundreds and hundreds of people to consult with about building new patios, repairing old patios, expanding their patios, removing their patios. We have learned a lot of lessons. Almost every single […]

What is Hardscaping? Why should I hire a professional?

Credit to Bosch Landscape: Stop for a second. Close your eyes. In your mind, picture your perfect yard—the way you’d want your own outdoor space to look if you had the chance to remake it. What does it look like? Everybody, of course, has different aesthetic tastes. But chances are, whatever your style, you pictured […]

So… How much does a Paver Patio Actually Cost?

Updated 12-21-2023 That’s a great question and one that we get on a regular basis.  The question I would pose to you is ‘what are the functions you would like it to perform?’  Someone wrote a wrote a fabulous article for us awhile back titles 11 things to consider before building a paver patio.  In […]